Inventions and Printed Circuit Boards


Unlike the olden times when PCBpeople like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison still lived, being an inventor in this day and age is more challenging. For one, because of how modern our technology has become, it has become harder to think of something to invent. Let’s face it: people nowadays basically have everything they can ever dream of.  Right now, everyone has a smart phone that does everything for them, from communication to navigation; even social networking can be done on the smart phone. In fact, you’re smart phone can even be used as a pseudo-laptop, where you can view or edit documents on the go. At home, you’re also covered. There is an appliance for all your kitchen needs, as well as for cleaning the house.

Truly, it is hard to look for something that one could still invent. This is why it is hard being an inventor at this time. However, on the flipside, because of the various technological advances, an aspiring inventor no longer has to toil exactly like how Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison did. Now, if you want to create something, you can look online first for inspiration and also to check if something like that has already been created elsewhere. Moreover, research can be done online with greater ease.

More importantly, you can build on the inventions of others, using it to further your product –

For example, ages ago, someone has already invented the printed circuit board. Someone has made the bright discovery that the printed circuit board is the backbone of any electronic device, such that each electronic device must have one to be able to work properly. It is because of this knowledge that you would know that if you want to make a new electronic device, the first thing you need to make is a printed circuit board.

If you’re indeed interested in making a new electronic device, you first need to find someone who does PCB fabrication. You might have to make the prototype yourself though, because this is where your skills as an inventor will be tested. You need to have an understanding of how these printed circuit boards work so that you can design one that will reflect what you want in your new electrical invention. Each etching and each copper knob is supposed to do something, so as an inventor, this is where you can show your innovation and creative thinking.

Once this is done, you can send your prototype to companies that do PCB fabrication –

pcb-greenWhen you do this, they will manufacture copies of your prototype so that you can make more of your invention, in case you want to make a lot of them. PCB fabrication is a complicated job, which is why mostly dedicated PCB manufacturers are tasked to do it. They have machines and the capability that do all the modifications to the copper plate to make it look exactly like the prototype. After all, when mass producing the PCB, precision is the key. The copies of the prototype must look exactly as the original one, or else it may affect how the new device will work. Unlike humans, machines are less susceptible to error. Therefore, you can be assured that the process of PCB fabrication will be smooth because machines will be doing it if you entrust your prototype to PCB fabrication companies.

After this process, you’re almost good to go –

You just need to design how your new invention will look externally, and you’re all set. You can try to sell the design to a big manufacturer, or, if you have enough sponsors, you can try manufacturing and distributing it by yourself. On a final note, don’t forget to have your new invention registered and patented. This is to ensure that no one else takes credit for your effort and your design.

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